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My Super Successful Purchase Plan

My Super Successful Lease/Purchase Plan has proven to be an excellent solution for sellers who are planning to move soon or already have a vacant home. It provides multiple advantages over listing with a Realtor, including relief from mortgage payments and expenses, full protection of your property and the ability to move forward with your plans!

How It Works:

We enter into a purchase agreement that gives me some time to find a qualified Buyer. (I may already have one in my extensive database!) When my Buyer is ready, I purchase the property from you at our agreed price and then sell the property to my Buyer. I do not act as a broker- these are two separate, independent transactions. There are no commissions or fees, and in the meantime, I can do some amazing things that Realtors cannot and will not do.

Selling a vacant home conventionally with a Realtor can be a long and expensive process. An extremely small number of qualified Buyers have hundreds of homes to choose from. All you can do is wait and hope while the mortgage payments and expenses continue to add up. And if you finally do get an offer, it will come with requests for closing costs, repairs and the Realtors’ commissions. How much will you have to spend before your house is sold?

Multiple Advantages – I Can Do What Realtors Cannot:

  • 100% Closing History: Every contract I’ve signed has resulted in a sale and every seller has been delighted with the process and the results. Visit my Testimonials page to hear what recent sellers have to say!
  • I Pay Your Mortgage Payments and Expenses: I can structure payments to you that cover your mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, homeowner’s dues, lawn care, etc.
  • Guaranteed Purchase Price & Terms: The price I will pay for your house, my monthly payments to you, and all of my obligations to protect your property are guaranteed and clearly spelled out. No last minute surprises, changes, hidden costs or requests for additional concessions.
  • I Pay For All Maintenance & Repairs: If anything breaks, becomes damaged or requires service I will pay for it.
  • Many More Serious Buyers – The Lease/Purchase Advantage:

It is more difficult than ever to qualify for a mortgage these days, so there are hundreds of serious Buyers out there who are almost, but not quite able to qualify, but who need a home right now. Many of these Buyers may be ready to purchase in just a few months, but these Buyers are not working with Realtors because Realtors are only interested in Buyers who are qualified to buy right now.

Offering a lease/purchase makes your home available to serious Buyers a Realtor will never find. Realtors are legally prohibited from drafting a lease/purchase agreement and have little or no experience managing and completing this type of sale. They don’t want to wait around for a buyer to close before getting their commission, and will accept no responsibility for your property in the meantime- it’s just not what they do. But I’ve been doing it successfully for 14 years, and offering this option can place your home on the path to being sold much sooner.

  • Conventional Sale – MLS Listing – We Target All Buyers: I don’t just target lease/purchase buyers- I target all Buyers! I list every property on the MLS with a full web page on Realtor.com and all websites for exposure to Buyers who are ready to purchase right now, and will always sell the property at a discount (with no impact on my agreed price to you) for a quick sale!
  • Aggresive, Relentless, Comprehensive 24/7 Marketing: Realtors have so many listings that they don’t have time to devote special attention to marketing your home, but I rarely have more than a few properties at the same time. And remember, every day that goes by without a buyer costs me money! Buying and selling your home will be my top priority. I run continuous and relentless ads on every available website, local newspapers and circulars, attractive full-color brochures and flyers, mailings to local businesses and corporations, and signs everywhere I’m allowed to place them!
  • Extensive Buyers List: I maintain a database of hundreds of buyers! My phone is still ringing and I’m still getting emails about the last houses I advertised. I will immediately contact all of these Buyers who might be interested in buying your house.
  • Professional Network: I work with a comprehensive network of local real estate professionals, including Mortgage Brokers and Realtors who share information about various properties and potential buyers in order to put together appropriate matches.
  • Professional Integrity: My reputation is the cornerstone of my business. I strive to be attentive to and respectful of the needs and objectives of everyone I work with. I keep my promises and honor my commitments. I am an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina with an A+ rating, and am always happy to provide, as references, a long list of sellers whose homes I’ve purchased.
  • Purchasing a New Home? No Need to Wait: Lenders will give you credit for your income from me, which can allow you to purchase your new house without waiting until your present home is sold!
  • Moving Out of the Area: Not a problem! Everything can be easily arranged so that you will not even have to come back for closing. In fact, I’ve purchased many homes from out-of-state sellers whom I’ve never met face to face!
  • Tax Advantages: Until the sale is closed you will enjoy all the mortgage interest tax advantages as the owner of record.

With This Purchase Plan Everybody Wins:

You save some serious money on house payments, expenses and commissions, get your house sold, and have your property protected in the meantime. You can move forward with peace of mind and money in the bank!  My Buyers get the valuable assistance they need to purchase your home. And hopefully I’ll make a few dollars for the pleasure of making everybody happy!

If you want to stop the cash bleed, move on, sell your house, and have your expenses paid in the mean time, this plan represents a very safe, effective and economically sensible solution!

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