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I buy houses in the Raleigh, NC Triangle, helping sellers since 1997, establishing an excellent reputation and track record. I am not a Realtor. I am an established, experienced, professional home buyer with a 100% success and satisfaction history and BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.

3 Ways To Sell Your Home in the Raleigh NC Triangle:

For Sale By Owner:

Selling your home by yourself is by far the most economically beneficial way to go, if you have the time- and it is very time consuming. Don’t believe the patronizing BS you get from some Realtors who want everyone to think that only they hold the magic keys to the kingdom of Real Estate. However, if you don’t have the time to research all the legal requirements and take on a part-time job marketing your house, you may need to put an experienced, capable Realtor to work for you.

With a Realtor:

Most folks are simply too busy with work and family responsibilities to take on a part-time job marketing their home for sale and assume that listing with a Realtor is the best or only option, and in some cases this may be true:

  • If you have not moved yet and are in no hurry: If you have no deadline, such as a job transfer, relocation, or the purchase of a new home, and can wait to move until your home is sold, working with a Realtor may indeed be the best way to go. You can list the house for top dollar and sit back and wait for someone to bite. But remember, if the market is too slow, as it is right now, you might have a very long wait.

Selling to a Professional Buyer like Me:

Most sellers think that listing with a Realtor is the only game in town (and that’s exactly what most Realtors want you to think!) and that Professional Buyers are only useful for folks who are desperate and/or facing foreclosure.

The truth is that an experienced Professional Buyer can offer a variety of flexible options for selling your home that Realtors cannot. Because we are actual Buyers and not just brokers, we can craft a purchase plan that meets your needs, for instance:

  • If your home is vacant or you are planning to move soon, we can structure a plan for me to pay your mortgage payments and other house expenses prior to closing.
  • When you sell to me your price is guaranteed. There are no last minute requests for closing costs or other concessions for repairs, and of course there are no Realtor commissions!
  • Professional Buyers have more effective resources for re-selling. For instance, one of my most powerful and effective tools is re-selling to a qualified buyer using a Lease/Purchase. This opens up the property to a vastly expanded pool of potential buyers who just need some time to raise their credit score, establish employment history, sell another home, etc. Even so, I’m always very happy to sell the property quickly to a conventional buyer.
  • Every contract I’ve signed has resulted in a sale! How many Realtors can say that! I’ve been buying homes and helping sellers here in the Triangle since 1997, establishing an excellent reputation and track record. I am an established, experienced, professional home buyer with a 100% success and satisfaction history. I can do what Realtors cannot and will not do:
100% Closing history?YesNo
Guaranteed price- No hidden or surprise costs or concessions?YesNo
Pay your mortgage payments?YesNo
Pay for maintenance and repairs?YesNo
No last minute inspection repair requests?YesNo
Pay for all utilities and lawn care?YesNo
No requests for you to pay Buyers’ closing costsYesNo
Motivated by a serious, ongoing financial commitment/investment?YesNo
Experience using a lease/purchase to reach a larger pool of serious Buyers?YesNo
Ability to reach Buyers who do not want to work with a Realtor?YesNo
24/7 Top priority dedicated, daily marketing?YesNo

One Size Does Not Fit All:

Neither Realtors or Professional Buyers like me are the perfect fit for every seller. I certainly don’t pretend to be all things to all sellers and I’ve referred many a seller to a good, experienced Realtor. On the other hand, I get calls from sellers whose houses have been sitting empty for months, and can’t help but think of the money I could have saved them if they had gotten in touch with me sooner!

My Specialty: Pretty, Vacant (or soon to be) Homes:

Selling a home conventionally can be a long and expensive process. All you can do is wait and hope while the mortgage payments and expenses continue to add up. And if you eventually do get an offer it comes with Realtor commissions and requests for closing costs and additional concessions.

I specialize in providing a superior solution that replaces the ongoing expense and uncertainty with a reliable commitment, a proven purchase plan and the effective resources only available from an independent Buyer.

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