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100% Success & Satisfaction Since 1997!

I buy houses in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding NC Triangle area and have been helping sellers here since 1997, establishing an excellent reputation and track record. I am not a Realtor. I am an established, experienced, professional home buyer with a 100% success and satisfaction history.

This site will provide you with lots of helpful information, so that if you decide to contact me about buying your home we will already be well on our way toward getting started!

Selling Your Home to a Professional Buyer like Me:

Most sellers think that listing with a Realtor is the only game in town (and that’s exactly what most Realtors want you to think!) and that Professional Buyers are only useful for folks who are desperate and/or facing foreclosure.

The truth is that an experienced Professional Buyer can offer a variety of flexible options for selling your home that Realtors cannot. Because we are actual Buyers and not just brokers, we can craft a purchase plan that meets your needs.

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